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By Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani



Started Watching:
18th June 2010
Finished watching:
18th June 2010


Rating: 8

The aesthetics of Bava and Argento married to the sensibilities of surrealism. A match made in heaven if you happen to like both those things…made in hell if you dont. Those who say this has no story are people who dont appreciate surreal right-brained story-telling. It has a very definite story–it is simply not told in straightforward narrative, but in impressionistic dream-imagery–where all the classic Italian horror conventions are beautifully adapted to a story of inner psychological horror. Quite brilliant really–but definitely not to everyones taste. And apparently it caused someone to have a seizure at a recent screening, so those who are especially vulnerable to strobe lighting effects should take care. Truly unique and lovely film for its audience.

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