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By Nacho Cerdà, Ethan Jacobson, Francisco Stohr


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Started Watching:
1st January 2010
Finished watching:
1st January 2010


Rating: 8

The four stars are for Genesis, a simply mesmerizing and gorgeous piece of art-horror, which is not particularly scary or shocking, but definitely psychologically creepy and mysterious. It is very surreal, magical, and open to interpretation. A sculptor’s creation begins to come to life—and as she does, she seems to drain the very life force of her creator. Who is she? For that matter who is he? Perhaps she is his ideal woman—or perhaps his long-lost or dead wife or lover. Perhaps they both died in a fiery car-crash. Perhaps he murdered her. Is this heaven or hell he inhabits? Who knows? The viewer is free to dream and consider. The joy is in the ravishing dark beauty of the creations—his statue-come-to-life, and the film itself. The terror is in the blood paid for the privilege to play God for a moment. The other main offering, Aftermath, couldn’t be more different—pure gore porn featuring ridiculously bloody morgue autopsies, and one twisted necrophiliac morgue attendant/surgeon getting down with a pretty corpse and a scalpel. What was really interesting though, while watching this, was experiencing thrills, chills, shocks, certainly gross-outs, but also real dread and terror—even though the victim is already dead! I think they cheated a bit here though, because I am pretty sure a real corpse doesn’t give up the blood so readily and copiously (though my only experience with a corpse is with a cadaver full of formaldehyde, so I could be wrong!) Still, for a sweet 30 minutes of splatter-horror, this is pretty darn good. Most viewers of this disc will probably like one, but not the other, of these films—it’s a strange combo indeed. But they are both really well-made, well-acted, and nearly silent—much more compelling that way too—dialog would have ruined them both.

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