La Moustache

I found this movie utterly fascinating from beginning to end

April 8th, 2011 by Wayward Muse
Rating: Genres: Featured Actors: , , Actors: Brigitte Bémol, Cylia Malki, Denis Menochet, Fantine Camus, Franck Richard, Frédéric Imberty, Hippolyte Girardot, Macha Polikarpova Directors: Emmanuel Carrere Languages:
La Moustache

I’ll warn off folks who need to have things neat and tidy right off the bat, because there is nothing neat and tidy about this film. When you watch the extras, you’ll see Emmanuelle Devos state that she still doesn’t understand the bit about the moustache! Well, if she doesn’t, how are we supposed to? At various times throughout the story I thought Marc was crazy, his wife Agnes was crazy, or Agnes was plotting to make Marc think he was crazy. I’m still not sure which, if any, of these is the case. One of the really interesting things I experienced while watching this was the twists and turns in my own reactions; fear, sympathy, suspicion and distrust, loathing, frustration…and constantly jumping to conclusions…it was a great ride!

At moments the film creates an amazing sense of what it might feel like to be a paranoid schizophrenic, and unable to trust your own senses. At others it plays like a classic thriller. And at others it is all about the relationship between any two people who love each other, and yet are plagued by moments of fear, distrust, or jealousy, with, in this particular case, the possibility of one being delusional. The beauty of this film is that it’s very ambiguity allows the viewer to really enter into the emotional landscape of the characters and feel what they might feel. We don’t know more than they know, which creates some truly terrifying moments—but without classic mainstream resolutions—so this is definitely one of those not-for-everybody films! Emanuelle Devos is exceptional as Agnes; sliding seamlessly between appearing to portray concerned devotion, insanity, or pure evil. And Vincent Lindon’s portrayal of Marc, embracing the possibility of his own insanity because his profound love for his wife overcomes his distrust of her, is incredibly poignant.

2 responses to “La Moustache”

  1. FleetUSA says:

    I have to watch again. Sometimes I just can’t get into IW movies the same as with the DVD on the “big” screen (ha ha — not that big (she said :–))

    I gave it 2 stars. Must rewatch.

    • Wayward Muse says:

      Ahhh….don’t torture yourself…it’s definitely a “not for everybody” experience….. ;-p

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